Photo courtesy Shivani


Born in 1983 and brought up in Payyanur in the suburbs of Kannur in the northern Kerala, India. As a young boy I was neither interested in books nor in sports but loved to draw and paint. So I discontinued my high school education and decided to take arts as my career and joined fine arts and took drawing and painting as majors.

My paintings currently focuses on life and nature which surrounded me, that I personally choose because of their simple appearance and deep complexity. I like the challenge of capturing the definition of human face, daily life or landscape by accurately giving the proper value of light and shadow with my paint on to a canvas.

Over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and art industry, helping to create high quality character animation for Hollywood feature films, video games, dvd as well as commercials. My world of animation started from a small spark and my passion drove me all the way to DreamWorks Animation. This journey gave me a lot of experience in animation and the art of film making that enables me to slot into a creative team and help it flourish. My goal is to master my skills so that I can combine them into something new and exciting.

I created several art pieces which I would call my assets and here I am sharing my work with the world. 






Photo courtesy - Shivani